Finance And Administration

Work closely with the agencies to understand their business needs in order to identify and provide in-demand IT solution. We offer experienced in the areas of strategic, transactional, operational, technical and professional administration.

  • Providing solutions to the Department of Financial Services in 12+ States.
  • Supporting multiple Department of Administration on all state and local levels.
  • Helping several City Housing Authorities, Governor’s Offices and others to manage state and city programs to improve life of their citizens.

Selective Clients

  • Department of Administrative Services – OH, OR, RI
  • Southern California Association of Governments, CA
  • City of Austin, TX
  • Department of Financial Services – FL, MS,
  • Housing Authority of the City of El Paso, NM
  • Office of Management and Enterprise Services, OK
  • Governor’s Office of the Storm Recovery (GOSR), NY
  • Department of the Attorney General (OAG), TX